We Use New Technology To Engineer Clean Water
One Drop At A Time.

We help protect our customers, their families, their health, homes, businesse, and finances. We consult with them and do not try to sell them. We design water purification, sterilization and filtration systems that will last a lifetime. We also assure our customers that our systems will work as prescribed.

Different Systems Offered!

  • City Water Systems
  • Private/Well Water Systems
  • Water Softening Water Systems
  • Iron Water Systems
  • Sulfur Water Systems
  • Tannen Water Systems
  • Purifications Water System
  • Sterilization Water Systems
  • Chemical Free Water Filtration Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Systems


We use innovative technologies to create, one of a kind, personalized systems based on our customer's needs.


Our cutting edge equipment is proven and tested for quality of filtration, purification, and sterilization. We have equipment that is designed to address each concern.


We do not use chemicals or salts to clean water. It is our job to remove these contaminants.


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Florida Water Consultants is now capable of well water certification for VA and FHA loan requirements